Many Hobbies, Manly Hobbies

Sometimes I ask myself if I’d even fit in at all as a girl. Considering the nature of many of my hobbies and my extremely manly career field, will I just be that weird trans girl or will I actually end up being really cool and likeable? I would like to assume the latter will be true, but there’s no way to know the future for sure. I had the itch to write today, but couldn’t decide on a topic, so I figured I’d give my few readers a little more insight into who I am as a person, and what I like to do in my free time. I have a lot of hobbies, so I guess I’ll start with the more “manly” ones and see where we go from there. Probably wont get to everything, but there’s always another time.

I love guns! Whether you think they should be strictly regulated or not, I happen to be one American in love with my firearms. I don’t hunt, however, so I have mine mostly for target shooting and home/personal defense. I live in an open carry state, so I usually have my handgun with me around town and will likely carry it much more often as I start to look more and more feminine in the future. Can’t be too careful, especially with all the rape and sexual assault cases we always hear about in the news. I’m not going to be as bold as to say that I want to protect others with my handgun, but sometimes all it takes is someone with weapons training to halt a crime before it gets out of hand. I hope to never need to use it, but I carry it regardless. I’m interested to see what everyone else thinks about this subject, but I ask to please keep any discussion civil.

Another relatively “manly” hobby of mine that I just recently got into is motorcycles. I had always dreamed of owning a motorcycle, and a few years ago I finally made it a reality. The urge finally got to me, and I went out and bought a BMW G650GS before I even had my license, or had even ridden a motorcycle before. A gamble, but I have a habit of being skilled at things I try. Missed a single point in my riding test, which I’ll take as an epic win, and now I’m absolutely in love with my bike. The weather has been kinda crappy the past few years, so I only have a few thousand miles on it, but I’m planning on using a bunch of this extra money I’m bringing in to customize it a bit and do a big tour of California. I lived in Cali for 20-ish years, and still haven’t even seen half of what the state has to offer. It’s also worth mentioning that I’m almost exclusively a solo rider. I love just loading up and hitting the road with nothing but me and my music for hours. It’s extremely relaxing and helps reset my mind after long weeks at work.

Last but definitely not least (for today, there’s tons more), I have an unhealthy obsession with anime and pretty much everything Japan. I know, I know, people like this are obnoxious as hell, and I do everything I can to avoid that. Some people watch sports, some people watch lots of movies, I just happen to watch anime. It’s just another form of media to me, and I happen to enjoy the themes, settings, subject matter, and the humor more than a lot of American cartoons/shows (with notable exceptions of course). This love inspired me to take a trip to Japan, and after falling in love with the people, culture, and breathtaking views, I went on to visit another two times. It’s very likely I’ll go back in the future, but for now I have more important uses for my money. Being trans isn’t cheap, and I’m intending to “do it right” and get a couple surgeries. So, call me a weeaboo faggot or whatever you like, but I know what I enjoy, and I encourage everyone to be true to who you are.

Oh, and one more quick thing! I love beer! Girls drinking good beer are a rare breed, so I’m just gonna slide right in there to fill the void. Big fan of Munich Lagers and stuff like that, but I’m also pretty addicted to Sapporo. Sapporo Classic is love/life, but Hokkaido only!

So anyway, I hope you enjoyed me talking about myself with no relevance to anything, but hey, this is a blog, isn’t it? I did this more to try to let some people relate to me, and how you don’t have to be 100% girly to be a trans girl. We all like different things, and sometimes growing up as a guy initially isn’t such a bad thing. What if we were never exposed to these things? What has our birth gender held us back from experiencing? Get out there and try new things, and expand not only your view of the world, but maybe have a damn good time and gain some new hobbies in the process!

That’s all for today, so this is Val signing off~

“The point of a journey is not to arrive.” – “Prime Mover” by Rush

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