Sandbox Life

I regret to inform you that I don’t have any philosophical rants this week, but I don’t intend for every post to be that way, after all. I’ve been pretty busy this week, and there are a lot of things keeping me entertained!

First off, Pokémon Sun and Moon just came out! I had initially ordered a JP region cartridge of Moon for my New 3DS LL, but I couldn’t wait any more and just downloaded it. Guess I’ll have something to sell on eBay once it gets here! I’m really enjoying it so far, and I’m just about to finish the first trial on the second island, as of writing this. I went with Popplio as my starter, and I’m super happy with her. I’ll give updates on my team occasionally here, I think, and maybe I’ll just start a Pokémon tag for future posts.

Now, after a long time of listening to other genres, I have rediscovered my love for Ska! A buddy of mine at work mentioned Streetlight Manifesto the other day, and upon telling him I’ve only heard their remake of Keasbey Nights, he freaked out and educated me about so many other great songs they have. We also discovered a mutual obsession with Reel Big Fish, so that was a pretty sweet day. We’re thinking about trying to start a band of our own when we get back to the States, which could be a lot of fun, even if we end up sucking. I really want to learn a brass instrument, but I’d definitely play guitar for the band. Maybe someday I’ll be able to play trumpet or trombone. Time will tell!

In other news, I fought off my brief sickness from yet another vaccine! I don’t think I’ll ever be running on 100% here with my allergies and cold-induced sinus problems. May as well call me Rudolph, since my nose is going to be red all winter. I wonder what you’d call the female version of Rudolph? Ru-chan would work if she were Japanese, I guess? Now that I’m relatively healthy, though, I will be starting up my running routine again! Went last night and ran for about 20 minutes on the treadmill. My endurance is still pretty much there despite the two-ish weeks off, but I need to bump up my pace. Shooting for under 11 minutes on the 1.5 mile run for my PT test in July, and I’m in the high 12s currently. I don’t need to lose weight, but I want to tone my legs a bit more with this, as well. No, I won’t lift with you, stop asking! A muscley transgirl will never pass, that’s just ridiculous!

So, there’s not much progress on the trans-front lately, but that’s what I’ve come to expect. I’m on the other side of the world from home, and there’s a war to win! I should, however, have some good news come the beginning of December, so stay tuned!

“Would you be upset if I told you we were dying? And every cure they gave us was a lie?” – “Would You Be Impressed?” by Streetlight Manifesto

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