It’s that time of the week, again! I’m very happy to report that my mood has improved considerably since Christmas, though sadly I didn’t do anything special for the new year, either. The line for alcohol wasn’t worth it, so I just chilled in the tent once again. Regardless, this marks the halfway point of the deployment, so hopefully it’s all downhill from here!

I had another session with my psych yesterday, and once again it was better than I could have ever imagined. She had done a lot of research on how the military is handling the transgender stuff, and we now have a concrete plan moving forward. She told me I officially have a diagnosis as of the last session, and that it will be forwarded up to a central team for approval to start the transition. Obviously, I wont be able to start hormones just yet, but having all of this ready to go should make the process as smooth as possible when I return home. Unfortunately, my psych is returning to her home station, so I will be seeing someone else from now on. It’ll be sad to see her go, since I’ve enjoyed the little bits of girl talk we’ve had. We’ll see what the future holds!

It’s full steam ahead on “Project Val” as I like to call it. Started a Pinterest account yesterday as suggested by the psych, and it has proved quite useful in finding outfits and makeup tips. I hope to have a really good idea of what clothes and makeup I’ll need to buy in the future. I’m basically catching up on years of wardrobe choices in a short time, so this could get expensive. One of my friends in the Army may be visiting at some point to help me with shopping and such, which will be greatly beneficial. Haven’t seen her in ages, so it’ll be great to catch up again!

The gaming front has been fraught with minor issues among the coworkers, unfortunately. Many are already fed up with the sheer amount of grinding in Vanilla WoW and I am definitely in agreeance. Many are looking for something else for us all to try and play, but there really aren’t many good options when it comes to MMOs. Most are pay to win or just WoW clones with no depth. I happen to love FFXIV, though downloading the client over here is absolutely out of the question. In the meantime, I decided to make an Alliance character on the same Vanilla server, and I must say I’m enjoying it far more than my other character. I originally played Alliance, so it’s much more nostalgic for me, and I’m also playing a class that I’ve never played in the past (rogue). Maybe I’ll stick with this, maybe not. It’s just nice to have something to do. I’ve also taken advantage of the Steam Winter Sale and picked up two games today. One from the makers of Bastion called Transistor, and another cyberpunky game called VA-11 HALL-A. I’ll be playing these later tonight, hopefully, so stay tuned for reviews/opinions.

As I sit here watching the Dolphins get wrecked, it’s time to end this week’s post. Oh, I don’t really care about football, but it’s fun to watch sometimes. Hopefully time will go even faster during the second half of this deployment and I’ll be home before I know it!

“Things are looking up, oh, finally” – “Looking Up” by Paramore

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