A Little About Me

Hi! I’m Valerie, or Val for short. I’m a pre-transition MtF Transgender currently serving in the USAF, and I’m hoping to be somewhat of an encouraging voice in the community. I know there’s not many of us in the military intending to come out and transition, so it’ll be a very tight-knit community if we end up contacting each other.

This blog will most likely just be my thoughts and rants about trans life in the military, on and off duty. I also love to travel, so I’ll try to supplement the rants with travel blogging as well. I feel like it will be a good balance between work and fun, and hopefully seeing what I’ve managed to do with my life and transition will be an inspiration to others.

Oh, and here are some things and comics I like and think are pretty cool:


Questionable Content

Innawoods Operating Waifu